How to make a blog?

If you have read my last article Should i need a blogging?, i think you will interesting to have yours own blog. I said that i didn’t know anything about blogging when i want to started it. So, maybe i want to share it with you. Maybe this is not a new blogger tutorial, but i think there is not wrong if i write it again in my blog.

There are several blogging platform that we can choose to start make a blog. There are wordpress, bloggerdrupaljoomla, and another else. But i suggest you to choose the free blogging platform. You will nothing to lose when you use your blog as your trial tool. There are and But i suggest you to choose It’s more easier to customize.

To have blog in is so easy. We just need google account, and you can make yours own blog. Go to Blogger homepage, and click “Create A Blog”.

Now you must fill the form to begin create your own blog.

When you finish filled the form, next you must thinking about your blog title and blog URL. I suggest you to make it relevant your content, especially your blog URL. It can affected to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  For example  if you want to make blog about free download MP3 song, you can use “” or something else.

Next step is choosing a blogger template. It is worpdress blogger template standard that provide by blogger. You can change it next time when your blog are ready.

Now you was finished all step to make blog in Right now you can start blogging.

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