How to setting your blogger blog

I have wrote about how to make a blog with Now, i want to share how to setting your blogger blog. It is the important step, and you must take care for this one.

First, of course you need to log in into your blogger dashboard. When you have logged into your dashboard, click “Setting” links. When you have clicked it you will see setting tab in your screen.  There are “Basic”, “Publishing”, “Formatting”, “Comments”, “Archiving”, “Site Feed”, “Email & Mobile”, “Open ID”, and “Permissions”.

I think there are just three point that more important setting to consider.

  1. Basic
  2. Formatting
  4. Site Feed

1. Basic Setting

Several form that must in the contents to the menu basic:

  • Title : Content with your blog title. Example : Blog Tutorial.
  • Description : Content with your description blog. Example : All about blogging can find here.
  • Add your blog to our listing : chose Yes, so that every time posting always entered the list.
  • Show Quick Editing on your blog : Chose Yes.
  • Show Email post link : It is best to chose Yes, but if you chose No also it’s allright.
  • Show compose Mode for all your blog : Chose Yes.
  • Show transliteration button for your post : chose Yes if the you wanted to be button to change normally alphabet to hindi (India) alphabet, Chose No if being the reverse.
  • Click Save Settings.
  • Finish.

2. Formatting Setting

  • Show : Chose the number of post want you to display in your blog. Example : Show : 6 post, it’s means your posting will display in your page Totally six posting. Chose Post (don’t days) at pulldown menu
  • Date header Format : Chose the style of date/month what you wanted, this date/month will display above your post.
  • Archive Index Date Format : Chose the style for your archive
  • Timestamp Format : Chose the style of the time, what you wanted.
  • Time Zone : Chose the matching zone with your place. Example for WIB : [UTC+7.00] jakarta.
  • Language : Chose language what you wanted.
  • Convert line break : Chose Yes, but if you chose No it’s allright.
  • Show Link Field : Chose No, but if you chose Yes it’s allright.
  • Enable Float aligment : Chose Yes, but if you chose No it’s allright.
  • Click Save Settings.
  • Finish.

3. Comment Setting

  • Comments : Chose Show.
  • Who Comment? Chose Anyone. It’s means anyone can comment to your post.
  • Comments Default for Post : Chose New post Have Comments
  • Back links : Chose Show. It’s means you will know if another people has linked to your post.
  • Backlinks default for Posts : Chose New post have Backlinks.
  • Show comments in a popup window? : Chose Yes. It’s means when the people click Comment link your blog not lost.
  • Show word verification for comments? : It’s better to chose Yes
  • Enable comment moderation? : Chose No, but if you wanted chose Yes it’s allright.
  • Show profile images on comments? : Chose Yes. It’s means the photo of commentator of blogger member can display.
  • Comment Notification Address : Content with your email address.
  • Finish.
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