Should i need a blogging?

Maybe you are familiar with one word, Blog. Blog become more popular right now. Many people have their own blogs. Not just one blog, there are a people who have a lot of blogs with different topic. There are talking about Blogger tutorial, Blogger trick, tools, and template, Business, and many else. I think blogging is the nice and interesting world. logging used to be just a method for stating your opinion, but now blogs are used to opine, to review, and to sell. In fact, many Internet marketers base their entire business around blogging.

So, one questions that are ready to answer. Should i need a blogging? why?

I have started to blogging about 9 months ago. Now, i really enjoy to do it. I have started it with zero knowledge. When i started it i really wasn’t know how to made it. Now i have several blog. There are Blogger Template Place, One-4-All, and another else. I think you are want to ask me about what that i got from my blog, right?

There are a lot of advantages that you can reach with your blog.
1. Blogging can build your learning desire
Like i said before that i just started it without any knowledge. I don’t know about internet. Honestly i was graduated as material engineer, not as internet or multimedia engineer. But it not make me down. I must learn how to make it. I started to buy some blogger tutorial Books, read and tried it.

Another case is about my language. I come from indonesia, and my english is too bad. But now it really needed. When you want to start get money from internet, you must prepare your english. My friends was told me that i can get some bucks from internet, but i should make a blog with english language. So, i need to upgrade my skills.
2. Blogging can make a nice friendship
Another thing that you can get from blogging is friendship. Friendship is important thing. You can share everything. They will already when you need. Blogging can be one media to make your friendship. When you publish some article, for example blogger tutorial or free blogger template, people who come to your blog will leave a comment. It can be start point to make a friendship.
3. You can make money with your blog
This is one of advantages that you can get from your blog. Maybe it is the most purpose from several people to make a blog, and me too. As you know that now blogging are use for review and sell too. Advertiser use blogs as their promotion media, because they are more cheaper and more effective than conventional promotion media. Many people have success with their blog and get a lot of money from it. You can see btemplates, 1stwebdesigner, psdtuts, and many else bloggers who become a rich people.

Many people not said that it is impossible to get a bucks form internet. But, i say that it is 100% true. I have got several bucks with my blogs even that is not a big amount. Whatever amount that you get, there is one point that blogs can be an alternative way as yours livelihood.

So, what do you think? Should we need a blogging?

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