How to add extra account on Metamask

How to add extra account on Metamask

How to add extra account on #metamask

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to add extra accounts on metamask so basically if you went and downloaded metamask like so and this page will open you click install Etc and yeah this page will be opened for you so

Let me just open the page and yeah this page will be open for you and this page doesn’t actually show you let me just change this and let’s put this in here okay forgot password all right I have to log out so let me just look at from here

Or let me just remove the extension at all so I can show you everything by detail so here I should be able to remove the extension so here it is so here what I’m going to do is installment task again so show you everything specifically so ADD extension

And yeah now the accessor will be in my PC and now we open it so here they will ask us so either recover our account or make a new account for us let’s make a new account which is pretty simple let’s have this as as our for example password

So let’s save it in here and then they will give us a a face recovery recovery phase so with this phrase is really important to save as well so let’s paste it in here and here we go now let’s copy this and see science Valley uh fine Um big pretty same a ring of same better so now we click on confirm and here it is our account now how we can actually add multiple account basically you just have to click on your metamask from here and click on these ones to see your

Expand and create a new account or just click on this icon here and from here you can create accounts so this is account 2 create and here it is so that’s how you can actually click or make or create multiple accounts inside of your account of metamask so thank you

Guys for watching and see in the next video

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