How to attach a Document to Gmail

How to attach a Document to Gmail

How to attach a Document to Gmail since if you want to send a file with your google mail you need to know how to add a file to your #gmail email.

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Hello hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will show you how to attach a document to Gmail so first of all guys I will need you to go ahead and open your Gmail both in your phone or PC it doesn’t really matter because this

Method actually works on both and after that go to your Gmail account and then try to actually send an email so let’s go through here compose and as you can see this is like the new email so let me just go here and as you can see let me

Just expand this page now the screen just click ok so here what you need to do is actually write to whom you want to send it it doesn’t matter to be home here are the subject and here you will need to write whatever thing you want to

Add or your email so after that sometimes you need to attach a document or file to your Gmail or your email message so how you can do it it is pretty much simple so all you need to do guys is pretty much easy go two next to

The sand you will find this menu over here so all you need to do is click on this attach files and from here you can just drag whatever file you want for example this Discord document but guys as you can see you must attach not a

File that is larger than 25 megabytes so it can be like CV a PDF file an image or even a video but please guys do not make any like a huge uh so let’s try something like that okay for example this one works but if anything that has actually more than 25

Megabytes or there is like it is on The Blacklist for example this user base mark is not actually allowed so I I can’t really actually add it but let’s try for example this one and it might work it might not it depends so maybe it works so this one actually got

Banned as well so the only file that you can actually send are like completely served like documents extra sheets the word PowerPoint or even CVS like PDF and like that so guys that’s how you can attach some documents into your Gmail and yeah guys thanks for watching and see in the next tutorial

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