How to Create a Linkedin event

How to Create a Linkedin event

How to Create a Linkedin event for your planned private or company event.
Options to invite people to your #linkedinevent.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to create a LinkedIn event so first of all guys I need you to go to your browser or your application on phone search for LinkedIn

And open it and same thing goes for browser let’s go to the arrow and search for LinkedIn and here we go and let’s sign into your account so here it is and this is like my account so how we can actually create an event that’s pretty easy and you can

See it through here and through here so here for example I’ve created this you will be able to create an event and here you can choose event type online or in person so you will have a meeting up here the event name for example anime

Uh me then we make it in person he can put the time zone start date start time add end date and time and here the address so here where you want to meet here the video and here’s some external evidence link so like a PDF file or

Something like that or like a page web page that explains more about this event hey guys all you need to do is put the description speaker so add any of your connections of speaker confirmed speakers will be shown in the event details section and when you finish you

Will click on next so let’s fill all of this affirmation real quick so it’s just I’m going to like put some random stuff so actually let’s remove this all right and here I’m just going to remove this here I’m going to add the description and click next over here now

As you can see choose who can commuting your post so I’m going to keep it no one save and now what I’m going to do is simply click on post so just like that I have created my first event I can hit click to invite people or just keep it

Simple and not invite anyone so yeah guys that’s pretty much it that’s how you can create an event in LinkedIn you can see it over here so here you can see that and that’s it so yeah guys thank you for watching and see you in the next tutorial

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