How to create a list in Python

How to create a list in Python

How to create a list in Python, it can be complicated.
But we show how to create a #pythonlist

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will show you how to create a list in Python so first of all guys in order to use that I’m not going to use any kind of programming languages or any

Like stuff to show you like any like any programming software to show you how to code but I will show you simply the code itself so how we can do it first of all I will need you guys to get in order to get any code that you want in mind

Simply not not only like the list thing in Python you can get whatever you’d like using your GPT so let’s go for example social GPT and from here we go to here and click on try so after that this page shall be opened if you have an account if you don’t have

One you just have to create one really quickly really simple after that what you’re going to do is pretty simple just go here write me a script so scripts and python uh for lists well I mean it’s great for like write me a script of lists and python

Now we wait and it will not take it so long because it’s pretty simple code so let’s do it a little bit and if it does take so long that not because of this of the so the AI itself but because there is so many people uh and install my

Traffic on the on the server so here it goes this is how you can make a list of numbers list of strings list of mixed data types and how to access the elements of the list so basically it gives you all the information so for

Example if you want to create a list of numbers just have to write numbers equal and then you open this and then one comma two three four five so good if you want to make list of strings you can just for example make the name fruits and then apple banana Cherry mix to

Whatever you like and for example this is Boolean and here if you want to access whatever you’d like so you can just go for example here which is print the first element of number is number zero number zero basically is one and basically fruits number one which is uh

Banana so it starts from zero one two so zero one two three four and here the same thing which is 0 1 2 3. so number two which is six and fruit zero peer modify element so how you can modify the elements so here but number

Two which is uh three it’s gonna be turned into six and here add element to the list how we can add numbers dot append seven so we can add seven to the list here for that append Clips so that’s all the information that you will

Need about lists in uh python I hope you learned something from this video thank you guys for watching and see you next tutorial

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