How to create an online course in 2024 (Easy & Fast)

How to create an online course in 2024 (Easy & Fast)

How to create an online course (Easy & Fast) in 2024- since there are so many people making money in the elearning industry and sell courses online there is always needs to easily create #onlinecourses

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will show you your way into creating your first curse course online so first of all guys in order for you to create a course online you will need to

Be like a good and some kind of domain so let’s say that you are good in programming I highly suggest you like to download like a software like OBS for example that I’m using currently in this OBS software allows you to record your screen and then you can start actually

Recording like the videos that you want to make so you can make the full tutorial or the third curse like from Zero to Hero thing like the basics and then the pro things and after that after you record everything and you edit it on for example like Adobe Premiere or Sony

Vegas or whatever program you have uh like experience with after that I highly suggest you to actually uploaded on udemy basically usme is a curses on demand website so you can just go here and teach on udemy search what you know into an opportunity interest videos around the world and actually you can

Start making money through that so how you can that do that just click here twitch on udemy get started and here all you need to do is actually sign up really put your full name email and then password so let’s say for example he wants to connect so here I will wait for

Example something like that pass here email and here we can just use any random password and we click on sign up Android accounts are be created this is problem create your account check that your email address is spread correctly so this is my email I think my email is

Actually already signed in so let me just try to sign in continue with Google and here we go so yeah it has already uh I have already an account here so here we go I’m connected and now all you need to do is actually actually start your

Account so let me just Transit this page if I can to English so here we go so here you can go to your my appearance tab so you can go learn or you can start your business or trying to be business and here we can actually for example uh

Add your wish list make something like make your own uh courses how you can do that so you can have a global impact from here so you can click here as your expertise so you can online continue I have experience continue uh ask my audience or not at the moment

Whatever it is so let’s go here and after that you can start here creating your courses so here it is create your course and all you need to do is keep adding stuff videos and attachments and just like so you have created your course in udemy so guys that was it for

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