How to create Angular project 2024

How to create Angular project 2024

How to create Angular project in 2024
Our #angular tutorial for the year 2024, a simple start

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to create your angular project so first of all guys to create your angular projects I will need you to get your Visual Studio code which is an application where we

Will start our anchor project so let’s go to your browser go to the URL section and search for visual studio code and then go to the first link and here it is so this is the official website of this software click on download for Windows if you are going

To use it on Windows if you have any other systems like Mac OS or Linux you can just click one of these and it will be starting to download so now we can also open it on web if you’d like to now let’s go to our Visual

Studio code so I have it already installed in my PC here it is so now in order to actually have the angular project we’ll have to download the angular extensions in Visual Studio code so simply by going to extensions or Ctrl shift X so here we go

It will open for us now search for angular and now as you can see you’ll have to download the chain source so here it is angular language servers let’s click on install and then wait a little bit now as you can see it is fully downloaded so it is you can hit the

Disable it or install it and here it shows you basically how we can start using it so this is like the service of its future contribution here the child lock it is some extra extensions that you can use with it so this is like a Snippets here is some Essentials as well

That you can download so this is like a full pack with all of these things that you can get in here um here it is um like angular cinematics if you’d like to get it as well and so go on so basically now all you need to do is

Start working your project because you have it installed so you just have to click on create a new file or choose a new project choose the angular and here you go so guys that was it for today’s video for each other please leave a like and thank you for watching

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