How to create Food Recipe with AI

How to create Food Recipe with AI

How to create Food Recipe with AI, it can help to create perfect meals for #cooking .

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to create food recipes using AI or shot GPT to be specific first of all guys I will need you to go through your PC and open any

Kind of browsers that you have on it for example for me I’m using Google Chrome now go ahead enter the section and search for open AI now click on this try and now of course if you didn’t have an account already make sure to create one

You can just log in using Gmail account or Facebook account or even Twitter account or you can just create an account like normally email password Etc now after that let’s go ahead and type hi so I’m using this method which is Type in like simple things like hi or

Hello to start a conversation with the boat so it can answer me because sometimes if you take text time like for example a problem directly it will not answer you and it will be like there is a high traffic data and you can’t really search with it so now let’s ask him

About for example food what do you think about food for example what do you think about food of course it’s an AI so I don’t think he will know anything as a language model I don’t have personal opinions or feelings so Etc I know that’s already so can you give me food recipe

So now sure I’d be happy to give you some food recipes what type of recipes are you looking for so here we are going to deterior for example uh let’s ask him about a pizza recipe so can you or write me a recipe of cheap pizza for example

Sure here’s a recipe for cheap pizza and easy homemade pizza so that’s this is it like it’s pretty simple just go and ask it and here we go now it will give you every single detail like instructions how to do it and even though like for example if they give it Infinity will

Give you also in Celsius so yeah guys that’s how you can actually create or get recipes using AI or shot GPT thanks a lot for watching and see on the next tutorial

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