How to Create Images with AI in 2024

How to Create Images with AI in 2024

How to use AI to create Images in 2024 using Canva

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to another video in this tutorial I will show you how to create an image with AI daily that is AI from openai and canva and we will compile compare these two so now let’s start with canva so basically Canada we write canva and it is so

Popular so this one is canva so we click on connect we use for example our Google account and let’s use this one and here we go and here we go no so to create anything in canva what you have to do is create a design click here and here you choose

Whatever it is document whiteboard presentation as you can pause or poster for example let’s go with Instagram post so now as you can see here is the page that we are going to work on and here is some uh for example templates that you can use them for your

Own image now we can select any kind of these images and remove or edits for example here we change it to something else for example hi YouTube and you can do whatever you like there is some other options if if you want Pro with it if you you buy the pro canva it

Will give you a lot of other options and read the templates used so that’s how you can actually make canva and there is some effects that you can add to your image so you can go through them by your own and learn about it now what is the difference between Kava

And the AI that we are going to talk about now the difference the canva you will you have to do everything by your own but the daily AI as you can see so openc or open AI here if we search for the let’s that AI and as you can see here

If we went to login and we locked it into here let’s use our account and here we go so as you can see here let’s write Instagram post Cool image with uh Instagram post let’s add something else oh Water Products compost let’s see how or what it will give us by here so it will take us tickets some seconds in order to make us this photo so here is some photos that it makes us from

Scratch so we didn’t do anything but write in what we want so that’s how you can guys actually uh make some photos some cool photos for your Instagram or whatever brand you want using only the AI instead of going through hanva or photoshop or whatever program you have so hey guys thank you

For watching and see on the next tutorial

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