How to Create Kids Animation Videos with AI in 2024

How to Create Kids Animation Videos with AI in 2024

Creating kids’ animation videos with AI involves using specialized software that leverages artificial intelligence to animate characters and scenes. Start by selecting an AI-based animation tool suited for children’s content. Then, design your characters and storyboard within the software, keeping your target young audience in mind. Utilize AI features to animate characters and scenes, making sure the movements are smooth and engaging. Add voiceovers, music, and sound effects to bring your story to life. For a more detailed guide, consider looking for tutorials specific to the AI animation software you’ve chosen. #kidsanimationvideo #makemoney #makemoneyonline

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Hello guys and welcome to New Brand video in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to create kid animation using AI so make sure you watch the video to the end first AI tool that we are going to use is the sh GPT sh GPT

Will be used to create scripts so you can just tell to sh GPT to write a uh a script or uh topic Story video script and you can either specify the time or just don’t after that it will give you these scripts and those are the dialogues so basically after having

These dialogues you will need just to go to Creo AI here you will need just to create your own account and then you will just click on start for free go to create uh or just project text to speech and here you would need just click

Create text dubing and for each reply so for example I have this first reply here this this is the text that I want to be as an audio so we can create the audio for our kid characters or Story character then you will need to start audition and basically you can adjust

The tone and adjust the speech choose any voice Timber and also the languages so here after you finish it uh it will be necessary to finish the whole dialogue audition so you can be able to confirm so you need see need please listen first so we need just to listen

To the whole dialogue and after that we will be able to confirm we confirm we have our speeches here you can start uh calling them or rename them so you can be able to recognize them you download it to your account go to Adobe Express and of course you need to create

Your own account quick action go to animate from audio you click on animate from audio start now and then you will need to choose any character that suits your story uh character so for example we are going to have uh this uh Bobby or whoever was the character that you would

Like like the travles and then go to background make sure it is unique color or transparent it’s preferably to be a transparent uh uh character or uh background so we can be able to uh remove it easily then you click on browse you go for the audio

That you have you just upload the audio we wait for the animation to apply on this character and you will see that the character will start uh moving so as you can see now our animation is starting to be created so now our animation that has finished you can see if we start

Our character start like moving now you will need just to download so this is uh enable for uh transparent background so you might choose either to have uh a uni color background or just open it in Adobe Express if you want or if you would like

To download it then we will need just to go to the canva then you will start a video Cana so basically for each frame you will need to upload all your animations so here I’m having some video I have another animation that I had so

Here we can have it so imagine is this is the rabbit that we had and of course we need some uh to set up like the background or the situation or the the place for the scene so we go to elements you choose any elements that you want

For example I wanted snow since this is a Snowman and for the rabbit you can have a forest or any Garden that you would like so I’m just going to search for something animated see all photos here I can choose from uh this picture or animation uh or animated or drawing

Draw and basically I can choose from any background that I would like for example here I will set it as a background image of course this is not suitable at all for my scene but you got the idea so let’s just go back to our snowboard and

Choose this snow here make it set it as a background image of course we will need just to remove the background from this video you can use either some uh background eraser for uh videos and after that you will start animating your character so let’s suppose it’s moving

So we are just going to create animation we hold and start moving our character so let’s suppose it’s go to this place we will need just to have click play you will need just to play with your animation however you like so basically this is how you can do it thank you for

Watching and see you next time

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