How to get own google knowledge panel

How to get own google knowledge panel

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to unbred new video in this video I will show you how to get your own Google Knowledge palette or panel so first of all what you need to do is have a Gmail account so basically you just go ahead to Google and when to create Google

Accounts and any browser any kind of browser and from there you go here create a Gmail account and create it for myself or to manage a business so here what you have to do you name your last name your email password Etc so for example put something like that

Something like that here here here we add some numbers and yeah something like that we do the work they add some numbers without some numbers and here we go here you put your uh your your something like that let’s make it look something so your year of birth is

Something like that next and here we go now after you’ve done with all of that you go to Google and you do this so you search to Google Knowledge panel so here you click on this and you get verified on Google first after you get verified on Google so how

You can get actually verified you just have to create your own Google go to Google search search yourself identity to present find its notes panel and from here click claims its owns panel and Etc you do all of these steps and that’s how you can actually get verified after that

You go and update your Google Knowledge panel how to do so you just have to follow these tests that are in here and so as you can see here there is like basically about eight steps which is going to search sign in check that your your web activity is turned on uh search

For uh notice panel and after that click on settings edit then you click on information click the information that you want to change and here in their response box that opens you have to change this change why you believe your suggestion should replace the existing content if application if applicable any publicly

And here you click change or send and that’s how you can get your thing done so that’s how you can do it so thank you guys for watching and see in the next video

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