How to improve Midjourney AI image quality (Upscaling)

How to improve Midjourney AI image quality (Upscaling)

So how can you improve the quality of Midjourney Images with upscaling.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to improve mid Journey AI image quality so first of all guys what I will need you to do is go ahead and open your Discord so here and of

Course I suggest that you have already seen the previous video about how to join me joining this card if not you can just go ahead and join my journey let’s like so and give it a click here to sign in and right after that you give it the

Authorization and you will be in their server so now I am in the server now let’s go ahead and let’s make an image so here I go to the new device slash image imagine and let’s write something good so let’s make for example a coffee shop anime

High quality so in order to make it even a higher quality you need to give it to to give it the detail of making it a high quality so let’s make it high quality 8K and detailed uh enhanced quality and we click on enter now let’s give it

Some time until it finishes creating this image and right after it finishes the image we will give it an order after that that will allow it to go even further and to make the image even better and higher quality so now it is at zero percent uh yeah guys when you

See it like that at zero percent you will think it’s very ugly but trust me the final result will be so much good so yeah let’s wait for it until now now it is 93 and let’s go down because it will appear in here so let’s wait and here it

Is basically it is already like um high quality without even upscaling it so now let’s go ahead and for example let’s choose the second one or the third one and let’s make the quality better how we can do it you just click on upscale so let’s make an upscale for the third

Picture now if I go down if this message will appear for me so it is now uh waiting to start the upscaling uh sometimes it’s bugged and it doesn’t show you how much percent it is but uh yeah it will be upscaled by the end so

Let’s wait for it keep looking at this message in here and when it disappears that means that your picture have been showed in the bottom of this chat room so keep looking at it and I will be back to you guys right after it finishes the upscale phase

So back to you guys now it is in the process of upscaling and now it is done so as you can see the quality has become much better and it is much much upscaled you can actually make it like some give it some more upscale reader these two

Options give you some better upscaling if you want but yeah it is not really necessary because it has already reached the maximum upscale and these two options will only reduce the amount of the free trade that you have already got so yeah guys that’s how you can improve

The quality in mid-journey AI thank you a lot for watching until the next video

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