How to make Reaction Roles on Discord in 2024 (Tutorial)

How to make Reaction Roles on Discord in 2024 (Tutorial)

Master the art of creating reaction roles on Discord in 2024 with this detailed tutorial. Perfect for community moderators and server owners, this guide will walk you through setting up a system where members can assign themselves roles by reacting to specific messages with emojis. Learn about the latest bots and tools available for automating reaction roles, customizing permissions, and enhancing user engagement in your Discord community. #discordreaction #discordroles #discord

Hello guys and welcome back into new brand video in today tutorial I’m going to show you how to create reaction roles on Discord so make sure you watch the video to the end and follow these simple steps first you will need to have your own server on Discord so you go to

Discord loging into your account and then you will need to add a server so basically you add the server you create some roles so here in the server settings I come to roll I would create any Ro that I want for example new roll new and I give it some colors you can

Give it some icons Etc set changes and now we are going to use another tool which is the cardb so basically search for carbot and here you will find the we click carbot dashboard and then I’m going to log in with Discord so basically I’m already logged in and I’m

Going just to authorize and invite it to the server so basically this is the server I’m just going to invite it let’s make sure which the server is the one we are working on so basically it is this one so let’s just choose uh this one continue and here we are just

Going to authorize this and after that we confirm the capture and after that we will be able to have our card so here we click on get started and then we need just to search for the reaction roles so basically now I’m just going to click on

Next next and here we will need just to use the reaction roles templates you choose anyone that you would like either zodiac signs or platform forms or whatever you like for example this one so basically for uh this roll I’m just choosing this one I’m going to create the reaction

R and then I will just click next and you can uh just uh create one for you Etc or do whatever you like so I’m just going to finish and then uh I will just go to the dashboard so here we will go here uh to our uh server and basically

We will find uh these roles that will be added so let’s just search here for the server settings and go for the roles as you can see already the roles are added and those are reaction rules so basically this is how you can do it thank you for watching and see you next


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