How to Port forward your Minecraft Server (2024 ANY Version)

How to Port forward your Minecraft Server (2024 ANY Version)

Master the art of port forwarding for your Minecraft server across any version in 2024 with our detailed guide. From beginner to advanced users, we break down the steps to configure your network and make your Minecraft world accessible to players globally. Learn about router settings, IP configurations, and essential security practices to ensure a seamless and safe multiplayer experience. Whether you’re hosting on a personal computer or a dedicated server, our tutorial provides all the insights you need to connect with friends and create an expansive Minecraft community.

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Hello guys and welcome back into new brand video in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to port forward a Minecraft server so make sure you watch the video to the end and follow these simple steps so first I’m just going to see or we are going just to check this

Hostinger article that is showing exactly how you can start forwarding a Minecraft server on windows so basically uh you will need to have or to set up a Minecraft server or a private Minecraft server that will run locally on your computer and basically uh you will be

Able to do by following the steps from here and you can have many other hosts like uh other services uh except uh hostinger or excluded and then you will need just to follow these simple steps so you can uh forward the Minecraft server first you will need just to set

The port on Minecraft configuration and basically you will need just to go to uh the Minecraft server directory and go to the server properties file and you can then open it with a note block by clicking on the app and for example uh go to any app and then you

Will have the open with so for example here we can just go right click and here open with and you can uh choose another app and you will have for example the note block or notepad and you will be able to open these server properties you

Will find the server Port of course you can change whenever you want the server Port by changing the value and quitting and saving the file but by default you will always find This Server port for the Java Edition and those are ports for the Bedrock Edition after that we will

Need to allow the ports on the firewall so basically we just type firewall and here we will find Windows Firewall then we need to add some rules to our firewalls so basically here you will find uh the inbound rules as it is showed so here the inbound rules and

Then we need just to create a new rule you add a port you go next choose TCP and add the port of your Minecraft server and click on next as shown here so after that you will need just to name it whatever you like and then click

Finish then you will need just to route or forward the port on the router so with the fireal setup incoming Network requests are allowed now now you will need just to find your default gateway IP address and it will be used to log to the router so now we need just to find

The router address and setting set up a static IP on the windows so basically you need just to go to the CMD and the command prompt click on it and you will need just to type this command and it will give you this default gateway by having this default gateway you will

Need just to go to your networking uh settings by right click on on tribl shoot or open network and internet settings and then you go to properties and basically we go down to search for the the adapter option or the Sharing Center here and basically we go to your

Wi-Fi or any connection and then go to properties here and basically we need just to go to the ipv4 properties and then you add the following IP address or your default gateway you add the default gateway that you have and by that you will be able to forward your Minecraft server so

Basically you will need uh at the end to restart the Minecraft server and you will be able to connect so basically this is how you can do it thank you for watching and see you next time

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