How to send Images on Whatsapp without Loosing Quality in 2024

How to send Images on Whatsapp without Loosing Quality in 2024

Discover the trick to sending images on WhatsApp without compromising quality in 2024. Our quick guide unveils simple yet effective methods to preserve the original clarity and detail of your photos, ensuring they reach your friends and family just as you intended. Say goodbye to pixelated pictures and embrace high-quality sharing today. #whatsapp #whatsappimages #whatsappimage

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Hello guys and welcome to a new brand video in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to send images on WhatsApp without losing the quality so make sure you watch the video to the end and follow these simp steps first we need just to open our WhatsApp and just send

Any image so I can show you how to send them without losing the quality so let’s dive in we go to to the WhatsApp go to any conversation so we can send any image so for example we choose any conversation from the bottom and let’s for example

Choose this one so basically all you need to do is to add any picture to send so here I will choose this photo and there is this photo that is black so basically here at the top you will see the HD uh or the media quality button of

Course we need to on HD and make sure you set up HD on the top and of course when I will send the picture you can see at the corner on the bottom that there is this HD icon and this is how you can send an HD uh pictures on WhatsApp of

Course you can use the same with the camera if your camera is an HD camera of course whenever you are going to take any picture you can have this HD quality or uh this HD emblem and of course you are going to send it again and we will

Have the same result and there are some settings that can contribute on the settings or on the quality uh uh picture quality and here in the network on the network usage make sure that there isn’t some low data low data mode like here use less data for calls

Or etc etc make sure that everything is using the whole uh performance of your network and you will have good quality pictures on WhatsApp so basically this is how you can do it thank you for watching and see you next time

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