How to setup a Node JS project

How to setup a Node JS project

How to setup a Node JS project since you might need it for your projects.
So here you learn to create a #nodejs project.

Install Node. js runtime and npm package manager. a. Go to Node.js. b. Click on the appropriate Windows installer msi link. c. Once downloaded, run the msi to install Node.js.
Open cmd.exe.
Create a project directory and navigate to it.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s story guys I will show you how to set up node.js projects for your JavaScript projects so Emoji is is an extension you can call it or thing that will help you actually debug your JavaScript project how to run

It and so go on in a lot of programs for example Visual Studio code you can’t really run your Java projects without this node GS extension so how you can get it pretty simple go to your browser and then search for node.js here it is and then click on the first website and

Download the latest one that you want so here it is the latest and recommended so let’s go for the latest uh or let’s go for the recommended one so here it is and now guys let’s write enter it fully done and here we go let’s wait and let me

Just check over here it’s gonna be somewhere in here so it’s gonna be here and the downloads so here it is now after that all you need to do is actually go here and click on next I accept next then choose the path that you want or you like so for example I

Choose this one then next next and here automatically install the necessary tools note that this will also install okay so we don’t need that so next and then install and click here yes and so that’s it yeah that’s how we can actually set up this node.js and now

After it’s done you can just click here to finish this is like so if you have any software that’s actually runs JavaScript in it now you can actually start debugging your JavaScript code without it is facing any problems so if you go for example to visual studio code and you

Run your JavaScript in it so let’s go for example Json and because oh my God wait let me just check this oh I don’t have this one actually I start so basically what you need to do is just click here on run on debug for example on Visual Studio code and then choose

The node extension and you will be running your JavaScript code easily in here so guys that’s it for today’s video If you enjoyed please leave a like and thank you guys for watching

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