How to Setup Aliexpress Dropshipping in 2024

How to Setup Aliexpress Dropshipping in 2024

If you want to join th Ecommerce trend you can learn How to Setup Aliexpress Dropshipping in 2024

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a new video in today’s tutorial I will make sure to show you how you can set up a Drop Shipping in AliExpress so how you can actually use AliExpress as a seller not a buyer so that’s what I’m going to

Show in this video so first of all guys if you want to AliExpress and you open the page so let’s open this page you will see that the page ring on you will only um show you the products and stuff that they are selling Etc and even though

When you create an account you will not find that option of the like selling and making your own store of dropshipping in AliExpress so what you could do well what I suggest you to do is just open your browser go to AliExpress I don’t suggest that you use this on your phones

Because because it doesn’t work on phones so first of all you go to your PC then you open your browser you go to AliExpress and then from there you’ll find let’s at least make this language influencer in English so we can understand well I think here yeah here let’s make it English so

Now as you can see you’ll find here cell on AliExpress so after you click on this seller login and basically here if we try to translate this page to something let’s try to translate it to Dutch plug in let’s make it something else so choose another language and let’s make

It English English we have to find English in here so English here it is translate please look anyway this other account to do not use the buyer account so there is a difference between a seller account and the buyer account so now what we’re going to do is join now for free which

Is here now you put your affirmations select the country for example span here put your mail login password and second password and then you complete your affirmations and then they will review it after that they will accept your account and you will be able to create your store on AliExpress install drip

Ship Drop Shipping so yeah guys that was how you can make dropshipping on AliExpress so thank you a lot for watching and see you in the next video

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