How to setup Discord 2 factor authentication

How to setup Discord 2 factor authentication

How to setup Discord 2 factor authentication, to level up your discord security we highly adivse to do this on #discord

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to actually activate two factors in your Discord first of all guys I will need you to do two things first one is go ahead to your phones and install Google Authenticator

And the second thing which is open in Discord now let’s go to our user settings in Discord and then go in this my account settings go all the way down to enable to factor authentication and here you must put your password so here we go and click on continue after that you

Must open that application you can use either authi or Google Authenticator so you can use whatever you’d like from these and now all I’m going to do is scan the code using that so here it is and now I will receive the code or the password in my phone so I’m going to

Just type it over here real quick so here is my password and here I am now what I’m going to do is enable SMS authentication all download Backup codes so let’s add the phone number which is my phone number basically so I’m going here Morocco

And all I’m going to do here is just add my phone number so let me just add it here we go uh I guess this is my phone so let me just put it real quick here we go so I will post the recording guys and put my information there I will write

Back to you so here I am guys now all I need to do is receive the SMS so let me just check if I had any SMS in my account and if you had received that SMS you just have to put it in these three stuffer in here and just like so you’ll

Be ready to go so let me just click here recent code and apparently it is not working for me and anyone I don’t really want to activate this the two factors in my account so that’s it guys that’s how you can actually con like make the two-factor authentication enabled in

Your Discord account so thank you guys for watching and see you in the next tutorial

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