How to setup Exodus Wallet

How to setup Exodus Wallet

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Hello hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will be showing you how you can set up your Exodus wallet so first of all guys what I need you to do is open any phone or browser on your PC or uh or your

Phones and right after that you go for example for me I’m using Google Chrome so from here guys what I’m going to do is just right on Google Exodus so examples like that and here we add wallet so just like so here is the wallet now what I’m going to do is open

Their website which is and here I will click on download to download it on my PC now we choose which kind of quality you want so with your wallet mobile or desktop so let’s choose for example this one which is gonna be kind of like an extension so here and we

Click on add to Chrome ADD extension and we wait a little bit it won’t take that much from you guys so after it is done now we wait until it is fully installed and here it goes it will that will this will be open the page for us

So basically now let’s refresh I think there’s a problem with it let me just open this earthquake or just refresh the page okay here it is so you need to give it time until it is fully uh loaded on your page and yeah so now as

You can see here is the wallet in my screen here is everything about it uh it is not loading that good because I think the servers are really really having some heavy traffic on them that’s why they are not doing that good but anyway like any other wallet you just have to

Put your password and then they will give you their or your own phase recovery phrase and basically this is it just keep your recovery face safe somewhere and yeah to get your account back so see you guys in the next video and see you next tutorial

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