How to setup Github in 2024

How to setup Github in 2024

How to setup Github in 2024 since its the perfect platform to share open source code you might want to use #github

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to set up your GitHub account in your browser first of all go to your browser open it and then search for GitHub so let’s go here and here it is now what you have to do is simply go to sign up and from here guys you will get this message or welcome to GitHub let’s begin the adventure enter your email so let’s put this continue for example and as you can see this email is has been already

Taken let me just try a new one so something like that and continue now after that I will wait until it take me to the next page which is creating a password so here I will just put a random password so here it is and let’s try this all right continue okay

All right here we go now we can add a username and click on continue again and would you like to receive products so let’s type here no for me you can type yes and please solve this puzzle to verify that you are human start puzzle so let’s

Start puzzle to continue pick one square that shows two identical objects so here we go the second one it will be this one I think yep and here we go so now we have set up our account with here to create an account and here we go now you

Only thing you need to do is go to your account check the email so let’s go to it let’s switch to my account and again next and all you need to do is actually go to my account and check the emails and I will be right back to you guys and

Finally guys here I am back after I connected to my account so here is easy account here I can put requests issues code space Marketplace so you can here go to the marketplace and see whatever apps you’d like to get and he if you want to explore you can access Explorer

This is like the main page where you can see everything you videos and so cool one and if you have any question you can just go here type it out and you will find the answers so hey guys that’s how you can set up your GitHub account so

Thanks guys for watching and see you guys in the next tutorial

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