How to Setup Google Authenticator in 2024

How to Setup Google Authenticator in 2024

How to setup a Google Authenticator account for more Security for your Google Account

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how you can actually set up Google Authenticator inside of your Google Chrome so first of all guys what I suggest you to do is to go to your email so your Gmail account for example

So let’s go to it and from here what I’m going to do is basically uh just go to settings so most of you guys will go to this settings from here and this is not the place this is the the settings of the mailbox itself but for you guys you will need to

Go through this and here you go to settings of my account right after here you go here there is nothing in here so there is a bunch of references in here this affirmations personal informations there is uh some information about you and here you will find this security

So how you can actually make the thing work authenticator so basically you just have to go down so let’s search for it and again here and let’s search for it so here we will search for Google and then Decatur because I have different language that’s why I didn’t really find

It so let me just translate it to this language or just translate this page so how can I translate this page I can just do it here so it translates it English or something like that okay didn’t change at all so let me just copy this from here and paste it here

Or just go through Google and paste it here so here what you need first is to download the application on your phone so which is Google Authenticator and right after you do it basically what you’ll have to do is connect your Gmail account to this application right after

That you will go to your account settings from here as I said before so let’s go to here and here sorry and here let’s clock let’s click in here so from here guys you will find the authenticator which is in this page on security page valid on your account so

That’s how you can actually know that your account is has been added to authenticator and you can type it also in this place as well which is the thing that will help you uh protect your image even more so if you clicked in here and I added the password

Normally I will find it here so this is my account here I must put my number Etc or you can just add the authenticator which will be working as well so yeah guys that was it for today’s video If you guys at least leave a like and thank you for watching

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