How to setup Trezor crypto wallet

How to setup Trezor crypto wallet

How to setup Trezor crypto wallet as a big tutorial guide.

One of the best cryptocurrency hardware wallets is #trezor by far.

We recommend the #trezorwallet for sure.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to set up your treasure wallets so first of all what I want you to do guys is go ahead to your Google Chrome and from there search in the URL section

For Treasure so here you go and I said Google Chrome guys but you can go to whatever browser you want so here I’m using Google Chrome now as you can see you click on and here it is now to be able to set up your treasure wallets you will first

Need to have a tracer uh USB or whatever it is so you will have to have this machine how to get it simply by clicking on here get your treasure and here guys you only have to choose which one you want so this one is touchscreen two button pad

This one has USBC included USB included this one supported coins it has like a thousand or forty thousand 1456 and this one has 1289 and of course as you can see here there is like a limited uh kind of servers like esc20 and here there is

Some more of course you can search here for whatever token you want just check if it is in here or not down below here you will find other like features like controls and receive no treasure fees and the same for this one here by itself the same code for this one

Here anonymized transaction with coin join so you will have Anonymous transaction here treasure native app so you have like apps in your desktop apple and circle one and you can get an Android app coming soon and of course it is a browser app of course there is

Security so this one has a pin and passphrase entry directly on the screen and this one via computer and mobile this one has standard feedbackup Advanced streamer backup and Etc so you can go through all of these by your own and when you choose the correct one for

You all you need to do is just buy it so for example let’s buy this one and after that that’s why it’s like failure informations buy it and when you will receive it all you need to do to set up it is just plug it into your PC and the

Application which it will start downloading and here here you go so it will create you a wallet directly automatically for you all you need to do then is just do or pick your own pin code so right guys that was it for today’s video if you enjoy please leave

A like and thank you guys for watching

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