How to start Shopify Shop in 2024

How to start Shopify Shop in 2024

How to start a #shopify shop

This video is a comprehensive guide to help you learn how to do something. It includes a step-by-step tutorial and helpful tips throughout to ensure you can complete the task. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, this video will provide you with the information and resources you need to become an expert. #shopifyshop #shopifydropshipping

Hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how you can start your first Shopify website or shop and start selling your products in so first of all what you need to do is go to basically Shopify and create your first product

So here you put your uh your email so for example here we put our email which is going to be something like that uh and I don’t know what the symbol is right anyway so if we click on stop and we start to create our store

Like that here as you here you chose whether you are a new one or already uh an old one so this is a new one so next uh this you choose what you want uh online shop normalcy web uh uh a shop again like eBay uh social media website or like just

Personal website so here we choose shop online shop and we click on next so we clicked on next and we wait now here you put the name of your shop so we name it for example coffee shop and this is the domain name that you

Will give you you can change it if you want and also later on you can buy a real domain name and connect it to this website so it doesn’t matter this one this thing so here we click on next and after that they will take us to this

Page which is uh you put here which where are you from so for example we keep this and we click on next and here they ask you to create your Shopify ID so what you’re gonna do is for example you can just continue with Google or create a

New email also for example let’s create a new thing so it’s going to be something like that and here we go let’s create our Shopify account so here it is uh if your shop is uh currently in the process of creating so we will wait a

Little bit and it will be created it won’t take that much from you guys so and yeah after that you’ll just have to pay one dollar per month and you will start be selling your products by adding products and putting your payments method and Etc and yeah I will be having

All the access to your website from here here you can see your comments your products your clients and you can here analyze your data and etc etc so yeah guys that’s how you can actually create your Shopify shop so thank you a lot for watching and see you in the next video

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