How to Trade Crypto on Exodus in 2024

How to Trade Crypto on Exodus in 2024

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How to Trade Crypto on Exodus in 2024 with no KYC and self custody.
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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to trade and swap on Exodus wallet so first of all guys what I need you to do is to download the wallets if you don’t have it already by

Going to Exodus wallet on your PC and then from there you go and you come from here click on download you choose to download it as a webg wallet which is just like an extension an application or on your mobile phone so let’s for example go for your extension and let’s

Add it to Chrome ADD extension and basically guys this method is really slow because the web 3 wallet is actually having some bad servers sometimes when I try so as you can see now it will really really take forever for it to be opened so basically I will

Just try to skip this or just try to make it fast for you uh so you don’t feel bored and this video so basically now after you create your wallet or just downloading it and like any wallet that is that existed you can just go to Here For example Exodus and swap

So here if I open this page I must see the pictures that shows us how to swap so basically guys the the web 3 wallet in order to swap you only have to click in this middle icon all right after that they will show you the token that you

Have and here the token that you want to transfer for to so if you want here they show you how many you want to choose for example the minimum the half or everything and here you can search for like for example select asset here asset

A as D and yeah after that you just have to click on Swap and they will be swapped guys to each other of course you can make it all the way around then Etc so yeah guys that’s how you can actually iterate and swap on next video’s wallet

So thank you a lot for watching and see you in the next tutorial bye

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