How to use AI for Animation

How to use AI for Animation

How to use AI for Animation, so how you can #animate images and create animated videos with AI tech.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to use AI for animation so basically first of all I will need you guys to grab your devices and open whatever browser that you have

In it now what I will need you to do is basically just go to the URL section and type mid Journey and here I will need you to go to site in and give them the authorization to your Discord account here we go let’s rise

Just like so I will go now and open my Discord so like that open Discord and I will give it a couple seconds until it opens let’s like so okay nice so now as you see here I have the image journey server already open so I will go to it

Because when you give them authorization it will directly add you to the server so now I will go all the way down and I will type something like class imagine prompt and then I will write like uh make me an animation of Fox for example uh digital art 8K high quality

So as you can see now it will take it some time so let me just be on the slide so I can see the process waiting for creating let me just go down so here we go so make me an animation oh this is about 8K high quality UI so now it is

At zero percent and I really have High Hopes on it so let’s hope it’s gonna be so good uh maybe at the beginning which is like 30 zero percent it will be looking so terribly bad but by the end it will be so good so I can see it’s

Becoming so much good so let me go all the way down here and here we go that’s actually really good as you can see here these two foxes are pretty much perfect like the details in this box like the colors uh I think it’s really really

Good so yeah guys that’s how you can use this AI for animation I have to enjoy this video and thank you for watching

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