How to use AI for Horoscope reading

How to use AI for Horoscope reading

How to use AI for Horoscope reading, many people do trust their #horoscope so we show how to use AI for it.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to our brand new video I will show you today how to use AI or shot GPT for horoscope so basically guys I will need you now to go to your device and basically I will need to go to any

Browser that you have in your device for example for me I’m on PC and I’m using Google Chrome now I will go to this view at our section and type open AI now as you can see this is the rgbt official website I will just hit it hit try here

And it will take us directly to this website so basically guys now what I need you to do is connect your account if you don’t have it if you have it already if you don’t have it just create one pretty simple just like can just create it with Gmail Facebook or Twitter

Account now guys so guys I will need you to do something which is go to this section which you can type and for example let’s say what is my horoscope for today for example so let’s see I’m sorry I’m a machine learning model and I don’t have the

Ability to play the class codes based on today’s date how we can find today’s horoscope for your astrologic sign by session online arms or Consulting our scope app so let’s say what’s for example uh what is the horoscope for for example let’s say 202 2020 let’s say I’m sorry it still

Doesn’t help us guys so for example let’s see I’m sorry I’m not be able to predict based on specific dates but my knowledge is cut off is 2021 and it has come are not within my training data however you can find for example so let’s say for example first what is a

Horoscope let’s say if it can give us at least an information about it so what is a horoscope a horoscope is liturgical shot or diagram representing the position of the sun moon planet’s astrological aspect and sensitive angles at the time of an event such as the moment of person bear the word horoscope

Is derived from Greek words meaning R and security uh or Observer of the hour the horoscope is used as a tool for understanding and interpreting so basically guys the AI itself can’t really give us affirmations about the horoscope our horoscope Etc but it only can give us some information about it

It’s a definition Etc so yeah guys that’s it for today’s video official please leave a like and thank you for watching

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