How to use AI for Product Descriptions

How to use AI for Product Descriptions

How to use ai for Product Descriptions especially for #ecommerce and other products it does help a lot.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to use AI for product description so first of all guys I wanted you to go ahead and open any kind of browser on your PC for example for me

I’m using Google Chrome and from here I will go ahead and open this website which is open AI now go ahead and click on this button which is try it is in the top of the websites and then this page shall be open for you they will ask you first to

Go and log in so you can just log in using your account you can log in using Gmail or Facebook or Twitter account or just create a new one using email password and phone number now let’s go ahead and write here hi and let’s check if the bot is actually

Working so it is working can you help me with my product description so of course what is the product and what I first would like to include in the description so my product for example is for example let’s say that you have you are selling like shoes so so uh I have

She was brown or like I have clothes and and I need a description for my hoodies oh so I’d be happy to help you with that can you tell me about me more about your hoodies what materials are they made from do they have in unique features or designs

So let’s say for example uh they came with customized uh I don’t know arts and colors uh they have the best materials and the price is really good so let’s see great I can definitely use that information crafted in a fixer product the description here’s an example introduction our latest

Collection of for this feature in unique and I’ll catching designs so as you can see it’s actually making us a product description for our product which is for in my case a hoodie so you can just copy this and put it in your product except description so yeah guys that was it for

Today’s video I hope you learned something from this and see you in the next tutorial

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