How to use AI to create Crypto Trading bot

How to use AI to create Crypto Trading bot

How to use AI to create Crypto Trading bot, you can automate your trading and profit with a nice AI #tradingbot

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to use AI to end up creating a trading bot so first of all we need to go and open and try it’s a gbt

From here guys I will go ahead and go to login your account if you don’t have it already just sign up you can sign up using Google Facebook account or even Twitter accounts now after you open this page go ahead and just type hi so we’re

Trying to go easy on it because the traffic is so high and the data and it might not respond so we try to give it a simple question so hi Halo or hello how can I help you today now what I’m going to tell him is what uh can you create me about

Using a python for trading so now let’s see what can it do so let’s wait a little bit let’s wait yes it is possible to create trading but using python there are several libraries available such as ccxt bug Trader Billy great trade and so go on our creator bot

Is not simple task it requires a good understanding of trading strategies and technical analysis and also consider the risk management system and back testing it is also important to note that the use of trading bots on some cryptocurrency exchange Maybe please consult with the professional before you

Start creates a trading bot can you make one for me let’s see if it actually can make it for us so let’s wait I’m sorry I am not able to make trading Bots for you as I am measured earlier okay thing but okay so basically it

Cannot actually make us one but what it can do is can you show me steps on how to make one so now let’s wait uh so here’s an overview of the substitute to take to create a trading but use it shows a programming language pattern is a popular choice for creating

Trigger but because of the vast number of Library available for it choose a framework or Library so now they will give you the libraries or framework so in exchange platform so here it is and so go on and yeah by the end of the time it will give you

Everything so what you need to do now is to start assembling all of these informations and to start coding so yeah guys that’s how you can actually use the AI to end up creating trading bot I hope you learned something from this video and see you in the next tutorial

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