How to use AI to create Social Media Advertising Images

How to use AI to create Social Media Advertising Images

How to use AI to create Social Media Advertising Images.

In those days leveraging Image AI is great to produce your #ads

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to actually make AI creative social media AdSense image so first of all we will need to go here and go to stable diffuser website so here it is

And from here we can go ahead and click on get started for free so get started here guys what you have to do is enter your prompt so hit enter a prompt so for example we can go ahead and write here um AdSense social media image for coffee shop so in

Here let’s generate an image let’s give it some time and set it fully loads our image and once it reaches that here it is so here we go guys this is your social media ad you can actually use these images for us like you can add image

Pictures so as you can see this is some samples that you can use as well here is some image that you can add to your social media ad and so go on if you wanted to make like another image you can just do the same thing if you want

Any advanced options you can go here make choose how many images you want see steps Etc guidance guidance scan and so go on so yeah guys for example let’s make something else for example let’s go ads for Burger restaurant and let’s see if it is going to make one

For us so now once it reached the final let’s see and here we go so here guys it looks actually really cool for like um a demo bot or something like that freebot for everyone which is really really insane detail so yeah guys thanks for watching and see ya in the next video

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