How to use AI to write Business Plan


How to use AI to write Business Plan, maybe you need it for financing from a bank or investor or just simply want to write it down – OpenAI ChatGPT will help you with it.

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Yo hello guys in this video I will show you how to use AI to write business plan for you also help you make at least a business plan for yourself so you have the steps to do and how you can create your own business plan now first of all

Guys as always make sure that you have opened your PCS and then from there go ahead to your browser whatever browser it is and then go ahead and go to open AI from here guys click on try and this page will be opened of course you’ll

Have to create an account if you don’t have it on this website you can just log in for example using Gmail Facebook or Twitter account and it will directly take you here now what you’re supposed to do is go here and chat with this so

Now hi hello how can I help you today so let’s ask it about business blood what is a business plan so what is a business plan so A business plan is a document that outlines the operational and financial objective of a business and the strategy of as far achieving those objectives

It’s typically it typically includes affirmation etc etc can you give me an example sure here’s an example of a business plan for for a fixer company called SME widgets so that manufactures and sells widgets so exclusively summary uh here you go so it is an example of a business plan

So company description so it will give you an example of a business plan right now now after it finishes let’s ask it so how can we create a business plan and can you make us one so now with that we stop here we wait until it’s done or we can stop it

Over here so now I’m going to give it this command let’s see create a business blood typically involves the following steps so these are the following steps to to these are the the steps to follow in order to make your own and business plan so now as you can see

It’s giving us six steps already so let’s wait a little bit as you can see it’s important to note that creating business plan can be time consuming process it is better to have clear idea of the problem you are solving so I guess markets and the unique value proposition business before starting Etc

So yeah also creating business plan for you I’m sorry but as an AI he can’t really create one for you but at least it gave you the plan so a guide that was it for today’s video If you enjoyed please leave a like and thank you for watching

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