How to use Bluestacks App Player in 2024

How to use Bluestacks App Player in 2024

If you want to play mobile games or use Apps and you only have a Computer we recommend you to learn How to use Bluestacks App Player in 2024.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a new video in today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to use bluestack basically bluestack is literally a phone a simulator on your PC so you can find there like an Android phone that’s there is a Google app store you can find like

Games that are only on phone Etc and it’s really really good if you don’t have a phone so let’s say for example you go here to Google and let’s download the stack first of all you must know that there is three version I think or two version of the stack which are the

Bluestack X which is the 10th version and the blue sock five so in this tutorial we will just download the bluestack 10. so after we download it basically it will be installed directly on your PC in like a few seconds and right after that happened we will open

It and start installing on our PC so basically we click on update if you have an if you don’t have it uh if you have if you haven’t already click on update if you don’t have it you click on install so for me I have it already so I

Will click on updates so it will update my bluestack 5 into blue stack 10. so now it will start updating and yeah basically guys it’s pretty simple the the platform which is uh bluestack it’s pretty pretty so simple you just have to go through it like a phone just you are

Opening a phone inside your PC as simple as that so you can find there like simple games like Clash of Clans Clash Royale uh flip floppy birds subway surface and much more games that are like normally they are only on phone you can’t really have them on PC but using this

Application or this simulator actually give you the access to have them on your PC so basically after you install it you will uh okay play on cloud so basically after you install it you will just create your account on Google and that’s it that’s all they will ask you for and

You can start using it as a phone like you have a phone in your PC so yeah guys that was it for today’s video If you enjoyed it please leave a like and thank you for watching

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