How to use Midjourney Image promts (upload images & mix them)

How to use Midjourney Image promts (upload images & mix them)

How to use Midjourney image promts.
How you can upload images & mix their styles together.

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In this tutorial I’m going through over how to show you in my journey image prompts and uploading image and mixing together images so let’s get started first of all head to your favorite browser in this case I’m heading to Google Chrome after that make sure that

You are using the search tab right here or you are in this place right here type mid Journey Discord after that make sure that you can find the following the invite and then be Journey click on it after that make sure that you either have Discord installed in your desktop

Or head to a new tab and create a new Discord account once that is done head back to your Discord account and make sure to join my journey Discord by clicking the join button that will exist here or in the top right corner after that is done you’re gonna head to

The following room you can scroll down right here as you can see and you will find its followings new cover right here as you can see in newcomer you can find either new either click on it and this will open newbies 34 newbies 34 and then here newcomer room whatever Rule and

Then choose on it and click it you can even right click on the Bots and invite you to a server you can simply create a server by clicking add server and you’ll be good to go now to the actual tutorial so I’m gonna go back to Google and I’m

Gonna choose an image of three for example let’s use this image we can download this image so save image as download it right here and then as you can see make sure that the image is saved as if I F like it is right here so I’m gonna choose another image right

Click save image as and right here it will work just fine now that we have an image of 3 let’s save all we have to do click on this image go to your Discord and track so again if you are unable to do this all you will have to do is the following

Upload as you can see right here and here you go my image is absolutely uploaded or I can click on this plus button and navigate my image now after I upload my image all I’m going to do is Click answer and this will load up my image as you can see right here

After my image is loaded I’m gonna right click and I’m gonna do copy link and then I can use slash imagine prompt make sure to use tabulation to auto complete and then post the link of the image with another image and then I can even use a prompt like make tree

Bigger and that’s about it thanks a lot for watching and goodbye

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