How to use Moz SEO software properly

How to use Moz SEO software properly

How to use Moz SEO software properly, since the #mozseo software can help a lot to rank in google.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to use most ecl software properly so first of all guys I will need you to go ahead to open your devices and just open any kind of browser here we will search for Moz

In here which is a software and basically our what I’m going to do is try Mouse Pro for free and now I will need to create or sign in with an account so let me just sign in here I put my email here here my name and here

My password so let me just do it really quick like so so I’m gonna write that we’ll do the job here name so for example load it up and here password which would be something around this I agree and here I click on next step now

Let me just save and here you should put the payment so in order to get your pro free trial you have to put hit the payment and then you will purchase summary so let me just go back here and I will just use the free uh text so I

Will just log into my account real quick let’s show you how you can actually use it and what to use it so basically my account is logged and as you can see here and basically how to use this program it gives you multiple choices and multiple options it can give you

Like competitive research it can check and manage and only process of your business it can give you even some keyword Explorer and give you a link Explorer rank Checker and so many options that you can see here and that you can make like campaign even like campaign using this tool so for example

Let’s check for example the key Explorer so here as you can see you will explore like I have like explored by keyword or domain Etc so for example check for example health analyze and here this is the monthly volume of this keyword difficulty organic traffic and the priority of it

For example you can check for Chris Tiano Ronaldo for example and let’s wait and as you can see it’s even like it has monthly volume more than even health so yeah guys that’s how you can actually use this tool properly I hope to enjoyed this video and thank you for watching

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