How to backup private key on metamask

How to backup private key on metamask

How can you backup your private key on metamask ?

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to backup your secrets key or your secret face on metamask so basically guys first thing first when you go ahead and create your meta mask let’s see that with some uh project

Saying so let me just show you so let me just go manage extension and remove it so when I install my meta mask wallet for the first time they will give me some Secrets key and they write for me that I must keep that key Secret

And most of you guys just keep like DC download they click download they see like something they copy it they see password they write password and they don’t read the notes written for them well if you didn’t actually get your secret skill when you created your your

Metamask wallet for the first time there is no way for you to get it back so let’s say for example here is the password very quick and let’s click on create so now after that I click next and here here it is this is the security coverage phrase here your security cover phrase

Makes it easy to backup and restore your account so in order to backup and restore your account this is really really important because this is like your email or password or like your username so it is very very important so never disclose your secret recovery phase anyone with this phrase can take

Your it like your coins forever so as you can see that’s my secrets uh that’s my see Secrets recovery phase so what am I supposed to do is basically copy it paste it in the safest place that possible maybe I can write it on a paper

And put it in summer secret maybe I can just copy it and write it and paste it in a notebook or notepad and so go on to options for you so this is the most important key guys make sure that you save it in the most safe the most safest

Place you can find so yeah guys that was it for today’s video thank you for watching and see in the next tutorial

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