How to create a drop down list in Excel

How to create a drop down list in Excel

How to create a drop down list in Excel, so we show you our quick #exceltutorial for drop down lists.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to make a drop down list in Excel you can use this tutorial as well in your Google Sheets if you want to so first of all guys

Let’s go ahead and open Excel sheets and then let’s open whatsoever you want for example black workbook and here let me just click on not now so let’s try to make a list over here so let’s make for example a name and here for example a person one

And let’s make for example fail fell down um let me just make it something like that series uh all right something like that we’ll do the job so series uh autofill and something like that will do the job now let’s make it like that and let’s

Make a border so we can make it like a list and here worked so for example this is person one and let’s see if he works or not normally you will say yes or no but to make it easier for us what you’re gonna do is actually go to here

To data and got it so here what I’m going to do is actually click on data validation and here in hello you’re gonna choose list here you have to choose yes and no click OK and as you can see here we’ll have this option which is yes or no this

Means let’s fix it real quick so I think it’s going to be on on a comma so I think like that we’ll do the job so yeah basically that’s how you can actually create videos if you want to make it in all these layers you can columns you can

Just drag it and it will be yes no so you can choose it to no no and like that yes no no yes yes yes yes so yeah guys that’s how you can make a drop down list in Excel so thank you guys for watching and see ya in the next tutorial

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