How to Buy Fortnite VBucks with Crypto

How to Buy Fortnite VBucks with Crypto

If you need more VBucks in the Fortnite Game and you have Cryptocurrency we show you How to Buy Fortnite VBucks with Crypto

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to buy fortnite v-bucks with crypto yes guys as you heard you can buy fortnite v-bucks using crypto but we are not going through the game itself but we are using another

Website in order to have this balance for us so basically guys all of us will be put in this position when we have money but it is not cash but it is on our digital world and basically for example fortnite will post or will publish this skin that is

So dope for us and we don’t have really the cash in our bank account you only have the wallet and fortnite doesn’t accept really crypto coins so what are we going to do in that case it is pretty simple guys what am I going to show you

Now is a really good website for any gift card that you are willing to buy which is better battery fail basically this website will allow us to buy more more stuff using crypto so for example if you go to the gaming section and yeah guys here you will find bunch of games

That is really really good now let’s search for example for fortnite this is our subject for today so fortnite uh sorry for four nights fourth nights and here it is so here is the fortnite v-bucks international fortnite GSA fortnite South Africa so let’s go for international for example here you will

Choose the amount of the box that you are willing to buy so something like that and just like the let’s just like that you will just go ahead and click on add to cart so from here if we are currently out of stock so for example

This is out of stock you can just click here to uh for them to to send you like a notification later on let’s check this one okay this one is working so here you choose how much v-bucks you want to buy auto card and that’s it guys so they

Will you will receive your V box right after you send them the payment so yeah guys that was it for today’s video If you enjoyed it please leave a like and thank you for watching

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