How to check Website Backlinks with Ahrefs

How to check Website Backlinks with Ahrefs

How to check Website Backlinks with Ahrefs, the SEO software that #Ahrefs and a guide about it.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to check website back links with ah references so what you’re gonna do is open any kind of browsers on your device and then go to the URL

Section what you’re gonna do is type A Ash refs here it is and as you can see here guys click on the first link now the page shall be opened for us now what we’re gonna do is basically it’s pretty simple just go here and let me just change the language real

Quick so here it is English and here I will sign up for example and basically this everything is paid unless the you will go for the like two two years uh subscription the two months the two first month you will be for free so as you can see here there is multiple

Options let me just go here real quick so I can show you one more thing and let me just turn this in English and I will make it like that here we go so as you can see here if you wanted to do any pricing pricings or to do even uh

Better quality stuff you can pay for all of these things so light standard Advanced Enterprise each one of these give you a bunch of stuff that you can get if you pay it first well for us in this video we will only use the free version so

It is this one so basically what you have to do is let’s get to whatever domain you have for example and like that you click check backlinks and now let’s see if it has any backlinks so let’s wait a little bit and it’s gonna take it some time so

Let’s give it some time here we go and I think yeah as you can see now guys it has around 8.4 billion back links and the dominant rating is 99 and they can websites are 17 million so yeah guys that’s how you can use this website to check website backlinks

I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for watching bye guys

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