How to buy Minecraft with crypto

How to buy Minecraft with crypto

If you do not have a Credit Card or other option to buy the Minecraft game we show you an alternative, you will learn How to Buy Minecraft with Crypto in 2024

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Yo what’s up guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to buy Minecraft using crypto so basically in this video I will show you how to buy your first Minecraft account without using your bank account if you don’t have money in

It if you don’t have cash Etc will all be in this position why we have some money in our for example our digital card uh let’s say for example you can’t get the money out of it for some reasons and you really want to spend them and

Get them out of there and you had this idea of buying a Minecraft account so how you can actually buy Microsoft card using cryptocurrencies now if you want to Minecraft website and open this one and from here we want to buy Minecraft and you choose for example the computer

The whatever it is let’s choose this one and buy and here guys you have to okay here you have to connect your account and they will give you like three options which is Piper credit card and something else so it depends on your reason now how we can

Actually get this crypto thing basically you have to go to this website which called something like so better file and yeah guys from here what you are going to do is search for uh Minecraft let’s go and search for Minecraft and here is it so here you can buy

Minecraft you can even buy Minecraft itself Minecraft Java Edition and it depends on whatever Minecraft you want so let’s go for example Minecraft here you put the amount of content you already you are willing to buy AutoCAD and you just buy it right after that really simple of course this is how it

Works and if you wanted to buy a Minecraft account you can do that as well so here you pick this one and they will give you a Minecraft Kit card that you can buy with it on my gifts account so yeah guys that’s how you can actually buy Minecraft using cryptocurrencies you

Can use whatever currency you have in your wallet to buy those things so thank you for watching and see in the next video

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