How to buy ITunes Giftcard with Crypto

How to buy ITunes Giftcard with Crypto

How to buy ITunes Giftcard with Crypto, so for the Apple store buying a #itunesgiftcard with cryptocurrency is a great and easy way.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to get iTunes gift card using cryptocurrency so how you can buy them using cryptocurrency first of all if you want to any other website as you know you

Will not be able to see this option that that this website that I’m going to show you right now offers to you guys basically this website that I’m going to show you is allowing you to buy whatever guest card that exists in this world using cryptocurrencies so first of all

Guys I will need to go ahead and open your browser and then go to the URL section and search for bitter fell or something like that so I don’t know how to actually say its name but as you can see here this is names of

Now after you search for this website it will open so like that and then all you need to know to do is search for whatever thing you want as you can see in the space there is Amazon ubereats site mobile and Rogers if you want here we’ll find Uber apple and much more

Airbnb and circle on the list here you can find even games so if you want any game you can find it over here so now for us we will need items so what you’re gonna do click here search for iTunes and here we go so here is Apple items Japan uh turkey

United Arabic I think something like that uh here Belgium Poland Saudi Arabia CN Mexico Australia Spain France Ireland and so on so let’s say that you are for example from I don’t know let’s see something that is not out of stock so let’s say that you are from Spain

Basically what you have to do is click on it choose the amount that you want so this is 10 to 15. here we go they will show you here the amount of Bitcoin or XT or CRT or whatever coin one so ethereum sdt Dash those coins

Etc so we choose whatever coin you want and basically for example it choose usdt so this is the amount you have to pair with your CT all you have to do is purchase as a gift here you put your recipient name your name recipient’s email and message and then you want if

You want to schedule it on one someday you can just go right here and then make it a birthday gift and just add two cards and just like that you only have to put your Bitcoin address send it to this website and just like so you will

Be getting this gift card so hey guys that was it to today’s video visual please leave a like and thank you for watching

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