How to create a Magic Eden NFT collection

How to create a Magic Eden NFT collection

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in this tutorial I will show you how you can actually make a magic edit initi collection without having any loads of knowledge with artists or arts or drawing or anything like that so basically guys what I need

You to do is just go ahead and search for an AI that’s called me journey and this AI will do the job for you so here we go to my journey after that we sign in and let’s go for example let’s sign in and let’s wait a little bit after doing

So he will they will direct us to Discord so we click on authorize and just like that we authorized we generate our Discord now we have to open Discord which is a pretty simple thing we go to Discord open Discord and we wait until it loads

Now what we should do is go and join the server which called The Journey so we wait until our Discord is opens and we will join simply the server so here we go we search for the server and here we go to a new buy uh chat room and we write slash imagine

Prompt and let’s see uh nft collection and Magic edit here we click on enter and basically we just have to wait couple seconds or minutes and then the NFC collection will be ready for us so let’s wait a little bit until the collection will be done for us so let’s wait they are

Created as creating it for already for us so here it is uh let’s wait let’s wait for it they will actually make a full uh collection for us if you keep spamming it like it’s moments you keep swimming it they will make a collection of magic and then for us so now it’s

Done let’s go down and it must be loaded somewhere in here so here it is our NFC collection as you can see here this is our NAC connection you can basically just upscale one of these and then download them downloading it and like just adding it to your openc website and

That’s how you can make it so yeah guys thank you for watching until this moment and see you in the next video

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