How to create a Team in Microsoft Teams 2024

How to create a Team in Microsoft Teams 2024

How to create a Team in Microsoft Teams 2023 since its one of the biggest business communication tools we want to show you how to properly create a team in microsoft teams. Our #microsoftteamstutorial for the year 2024.

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Hello hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s story guys I will be showing you how to create a team in teams so basically teams is basically like a software like Skype like Discord uh like Zoom that you can make your calls like your school calls

Etc in it so in order for you to get it first you can go to here to any browser and search for teams so here it is and here you can just go to like let me just get English teams English and here we go so

Microsoft teams here you can set up for free and see all plans if you want to see them and in case you wanted to download it you can just click over here and download teams now for you guys if you have to buy any kind of subscription

You can get it through here by searching Essentials with far bucks here you can get all Microsoft 6365. um uh options like back with only six bucks and this business standard with 12 bucks 12 and a half so now as you can see after you download that and you install

It through this so don’t themes and you click download for desktop or for mobile so what you have to do is just go to your PC search for teams here you go as you can see here and this is how it opens for the first

Time so these are the teams that I have been in this is for school and basically guys if you wanted to like go to your own team or create your own team it is pretty simple let’s go back through here and click on join or create team

And here all you need to do is just add the name for your team so create a team create team for class stuff other for example you can add a name so tutorial and something like that next uh creating the team so they are currently creating

The team for us so here it is so here you can add a member for it so let’s keep this for now and here it is so this is the tutorial here you can actually like create posts files a new conversation and so go on and start

Meeting so guys that was it for today’s video If you joining please leave a like okay thank you guys for watching

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