How to use Canva AI Image Generator in 2024

How to use Canva AI Image Generator in 2024

Unlock your creative potential with Canva’s AI Image Generator using our simple guide. Learn how to leverage this powerful tool to create stunning, unique visuals in just a few clicks. Ideal for designers, marketers, and anyone looking to enhance their projects with personalized imagery, this tutorial walks you through each step, from inputting your idea to refining the final image. Dive in and transform your creative workflow with Canva’s AI capabilities, making custom graphics easier than ever. #canva #aiimages #canvatutorial

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Hello guys and welcome to New Brand video in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to use the AI generator tool on canva website so make sure to watch the video to the end and follow these simple steps so now we are just going to the canva home or our canva we

Are just going to create a design so we can start anything so we can use our uh tool or AI tool so either I can start with any design from here or I can just go to templates and start with the templates or I’m just going to create

Something from scratch so let’s suppose that we want just presentation I’m just going to create this blank presentation here and basically we can see uh our designs here Etc so now we want just to use our AIG gen generator on canva so basically we need just to go to

Elements so we can add some generation and here we can see the AI image generator of Cana click on it and let’s open our canva generator so basically I’m just going to add a prompt those text are called prompts so some cute huge strong tiger and I’m just going to create try

Uh generate image and it will start generating this text to images so basically we need just wait for uh prompting to process your text and give you an image this is an image that was given to me by this generation and I can just have it here and of course you can

Have modifying some uh of your uh prompting and basically make sure you do not uh exceed these limits of credits and click generate again and you can start using these uh on your designs and of course you can start like setting image background you can just uh taking off the backgrounds from

It by using some other tools etc etc so basically this is how you can use the AI generator on canva thank you for watching and see you next time

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