How to buy Monero Anonymous (Exodus)

How to buy Monero Anonymous (Exodus)

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to buy more narrow Anonymous talking using Exodus wallet so first of all guys what I need you to do is open your browser and after that just search for The Exodus wallet

So we need to download it first in order to start trading so let’s go here and let’s install it now if you click on download we will find three options web3 wallet mobile desktop and Etc so basically here what I’m going to do is download this webto wallet as an

Extension so click here and unfortunately guys if I remove let me just click on remove and add it because it has so many bugs I can’t really install it and create my account in it so I will try to show you without creating an account because as you can

See it is pretty much slow I can’t do anything literally in this page so what I’m going to do now guys is basically go to the support page so as you can see it is really really small slow so let me just pick it in here and

Here we will go Exodus and here we will go to wallet swap and we will open this page so I will show you through this page how you can actually buy some some token or by any currency like Monero Anonymous using this so what you’re going to going to do

Is first you will have to have some balance in your wallet so after you have that balance you on a wallet whatever it is the token for example sdt ethereum whatever you go on this middle icon in here after that you click on it and you will find this here now basically for

Example you click here you make the usdt in here the Monero Anonymous talking after that what you’re going to do is click on put the amount that you want to swap and right after you finish that and you put the amount you are willing to

Swap you click on Swap which is going to be at the bottom of your wallet right after that you will be able to buy that token that you are willing to buy which is in our case the Monroe Anonymous so yeah guys that was it for today’s video

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