How to download Images from Midjourney

How to download Images from Midjourney

If you create a Image on Midjourney I am sure you also want to download it to use it.
So How to download Images from Midjourney ?

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to download images from my journey so basically guys I will show you how to download the results that you are getting even if you lost it

In the chat so first of all let’s go to my journey and let’s go to our Discord and I will show you each step how to download the image from each one of these methods so first of all let’s go for example to this card now after we

Open this code let’s go to my journey and from here let’s imagine something so let’s go here and let’s imagine something we have imagine prompt and let’s go and like soccer game so something like that and let’s give it some time until it loads now basically how while it’s making us

The image let’s go back to Mid Journey website and join to this website now let’s sign in and this is the first method on how you can actually download anything of your results let’s go to authorize then from here we go to gallery after that your account Gallery will be

Opened for you now what you can do is just go to any image of these and basically you can click here or like save it from this button in here and it will be downloaded to our PC so this is the method number one the method number two which is basically

After it’s loaded and finishes so let’s wait okay here it is basically after your upscale is and do whatever you’d like to it you can just click on it click right click on it and basically save image so yeah these are the two methods on how you can actually download

Any picture from a journey AI so yeah guys once more I will go through it you can just click here right click a save image or just go to your profile choose whatever picture click on Save and it will be directly saved on your PC so yeah guys that was it for today’s

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