How to create Midjourney Collection

How to create Midjourney Collection

How to create Midjourney Collection and sort your Images better, #midjourney should be your go to tool for AI images.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to create mid Journey collection so first of all if you go for example to any browser and open mid journey and we go here and you sign in your account

And then of course you give him the authorization and you really wanted to see your collection the thing that you are doing in this Discord server so if you want a server and I type for example slash imagine prompt and I started creating images and stuff like that and I really

Like these images and I wanted to see them in a collection to see separately each one alone without all of these misses of course coming through your screen they stopping you from looking at your image and Etc so how you can actually create a collection and see your images

Well basically it’s pretty simple you sign in you can go ahead and click on go to gallery after you click on go to Gallery you will find here all the collection all the images that you have created and you will have also here A bunch of options

We can we can go through all of them one by one so as you can see here that all the images that I have created using the spot so as you can see this is image number one two three four five six seven it’s less so good one and

Some of them guys they are so dope as you can see this this one actually looks so good and you can get actually inspired from this so as you can see these are all the images that I’ve made from the first dates and now so let me

See what day this was or they don’t give you the date all right let me just go down okay it was on September 6th 2022 and now we are on like January 2023 which is really really good that you can actually save all of this collection in

Your account so here you can also see the Community Showcase so you can see the best pictures that has been created and yeah guys that was it for today’s video if you did please leave a like and thanks for watching

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