How to create a Linkedin story 2024

How to create a Linkedin story 2024

How to create a Linkedin story 2024 since this new feature is now available for many accounts.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to actually create stories in LinkedIn so first of all guys I will need you to go to your mobile or browser and just like that search in your browser for LinkedIn

Or your mobiles go to App Store and search for it and open it now as you can see this is the application first of all you need to sign in to get this page and that’s it so simply guys now unfortunately LinkedIn doesn’t have the function of actually creating a story so

As you can see here if I click click on post here to add something it will not give me the story option the same thing happens if I want to my PC so let me just drop the screen to PC real quick and here we go so as you can see here

Guys this is my account and set here guys there is nothing that actually allows me to watch the story uh like anymore why is that happening well because actually like 10 they have removed this function so as you can see here as a part of this process we are looking to

Evolve the storage format into reimaginate video experience across LinkedIn that even returned an over uh conversional that is why we will remove the current LinkedIn stories experience by September 30 2021 so they have removed actually the stories from LinkedIn and as you can see here they have actually totally removed it from

This application and as as you can see here this is like the official website support of LinkedIn this is not fake this is not like some rumors thanks this is actually the official support and this is like the information they have removed it precise September 13th 2021 so unfortunately guys you can’t really

Have the experience of sharing stories anymore and so yeah that’s it that’s what you can do guys you can post now and create some event and that’s it guys so guys thank you for watching ncngx tutorial

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