How to buy Netflix with crypto

How to buy Netflix with crypto

If you want to watch Netflix but do not have a Credit Card we show you How to Buy Netflix with Crypto in 2024.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to buy Netflix using cryptocurrency well as you know you can’t really pay Netflix using cryptocurrencies in some regions and for example my reason we I can’t really buy

Netflix using crypto so if I want in here and I clicked here and I will sign in ETC sign up now and I put whatever email I have they will not really give me the access to buy with crypto so if I wrote here Netflix payments method

All they have is Paypal that’s like this card prepaid card credit debit and that’s it this virtual cards are available in some countries not everywhere so in my case what should I do if I have crypto but I don’t have cash in my wallet and I really need this

Netflix what you can do basically guys is search for a website that’s called um better or whatever it is and basically this website will provide you with accounts Games Etc on whatever platform you want so for us we want to search for Netflix and here it is is Netflix Columbia USA

Germany Etc you can do whatever you’d like and pick whatever you want so here for example let’s choose the Restless United Kingdom so here you choose the amount so for example you want the 50 bucks subscription here they will tell you how it will work so I’ll pay on Netflix with

Crypto buy Netflix gift card with Bitcoin lightning uh ethereum minus pair usdt Etc and no account requires start live in on group living on crypto and here how it works exactly so how gifts can work enter the amounts pair with your preferred coin and that says everything

Will be ready for you to use here’s some frequently asked questions if you want to see if you had any questions just check them out by your own and you will have the answer down below of course they have some five stars review so yeah that’s really good so that was it guys

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