How to get listed on coingecko

How to get listed on coingecko

The Coingecko Crypto Tracking listing is super important for many cryptocurrency tokens.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to another video in today’s tutorial I will show you how you can get listed on coin gecko website so first of all coin geeko is a website that listed a lot of cryptocurrencies that are really really really different so it gives you a bunch

Of affirmations and it is really good for you to get listed on this website because you can get really famous using these website and other options as well so how you can actually use this website in order to uh in order to list yourself

In it well first of all what you have to do is join the website and click and join the website by creating an account so right after you create an account what you’ll have to do is go here to coin geeko listing and just go here and go to

Support so here they will show you each step by step on how you can actually make an account and how you can list a new currency on this website so first of all what you have to do is as I said before is going to submitting

Coins tokens on Google May refer to step below which is creating first an account right after that you will have the coin Eco request from start so here you will have to do is uh is basically that type of listing request it is it is a coin or token then

Fill up uh all the current token details and necessary fields in the form and the and and make sure that the fields with this symbol in here are um in the three hands we encourage you to fill up as much information as possible so after that you have to feel free to type

Additional information that you would like to share with the conjugo teams about your token in here and after that you upload an image of your token and in this attachment all right after that you submit your token and okay let’s submit new requests and here you will see the

Stats of your request and after that after your request will be approved you will see that your coin is then listed on coin decode so that’s how you can actually get listed on geek on my website so thank you guys a lot for watching and see the next tutorial

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